A leading, independent SMSF audit specialist working with SMSF administrators, accountants and financial planners since 1994.


A successful relationship starts by making sure the key terms of the arrangement are agreed to and the expectations of both parties are clearly communicated.

Once engaged we will assign you an ASIC approved SMSF auditor and experienced audit manager who will work with you to understand your business and clients with the goal of achieving an efficient audit process.

All our clients are encouraged to email and call us at any time free of charge for any technical queries they may have.  We are one of Australia’s leading SMSF audit firms with knowledge gained from working in the SMSF industry for more than 20 years and so having the ability to leverage off our technical knowledge and practical experience is one of the main benefits our clients enjoy.

Audit Information

You are provided with login details to access your own section of our secure client portal.  Whether it be questions about the document transfer process or any other part of our service, our dedicated support staff is on hand to assist you with any issues you may have.

It is in our best interest as well as yours to ensure we collect all relevant information at the commencement of each audit.  We therefore provide you with a comprehensive checklist and document templates for you to pass onto your trustee clients to ensure we can approach the audit in the most efficient way possible.

Audit Performed

Our audit is performed using our internal systems which have been developed using our vast experience in the SMSF audit industry.  Our audits are performed in accordance with the professional obligations of approved SMSF auditors as required by the SISA which includes an adherence to the Australian Auditing Standards; the competency standards in ASIC Class Order 12/1687 and the independence requirements of APES 110. 

Our commitment to our clients is that within 5 working days after the receipt of the information for audit will either issue our completed audit report or have raised queries by email to you.   We are proud to report that for the year ended 30 June 2016 we delivered an average turnaround of 3.51 working days and also met our commitment of a 5 day turnaround more than 95% of the time.  

Audit Finalised

Should there be any contentious issues we will outline our findings to you, including whether we believe an Auditor Contravention Report (ACR) is necessary.  Where it is concluded an ACR is required, we work with you to ensure the issues are rectified, or a plan is in place to rectify the issues, before the ACR is lodged.  Drawing on our vast experience in SMSF audit, we will be able provide you with guidance in relation to the solutions and plans the ATO may find appropriate.

A management letter will be provided to explain any qualifications to our audit opinion and the reasons why an ACR may have been lodged.  Additionally, our management letter will highlight issues which we are required to bring to the attention of the trustees.   

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