Director David Burrows has been appointed to the 2018-2019 Federal Budget SMSF Co-design Group.

We are excited to announce that the ATO has appointed David Burrows, Director of Baumgartner Super to the ATO’s 2018-2019 Federal Budget SMSF Co-design Group.

The short-term group has been assembled to co-design and provide insight to the new SMSF measures proposed in the 2018-2019 Federal Budget that seek to streamline and improve the operation of the SMSF system.

As a key figure in the SMSF audit industry, David has been selected to provide his insight and industry knowledge to the strategic considerations of the proposed new measures. His involvement provides him the opportunity to work with the ATO and other industry leaders in shaping the operation of the proposed measures and pre-empting any potential emerging issues that will affect their successful implementation.

Should you have any thoughts on either the implementation of the 3 year audit cycle or the change in the maximum number of SMSF members from 4 to 6 then please do not hesitate to contact David at